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All That Recorder is high quality voice recorder.
It is easy to use, best recording quality. Optimized for MP3 recording.
Record compression, quality settings, pause and record monitoring are available.
Supports Trim file & Continue recording.
Does not show ads, does not require any unnecessary permissions.

If you find bugs, want to add new features or help me translate this app into other languages, please contact me by email.

Support file formats : MP3, WAV, OGG, 3GP
Support languages : Arabic, Chinese, English, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Slovak, Turkish.

* This program is not a call recorder. I can not guarantee call recording.
* Lite version is available.
* Lite version has all features of the full version, except that ogg/mp3 recording time is limited to 1 minute.

  • Unlimited real time recording.
  • Shake recording.
  • Continue recording.
  • Sound monitoring.
  • Digital filter, AGC(Auto gain control), Silence trim.
  • Supporting playback range.
  • Playback speed control & equalizer.
  • Wav file converter.
  • Trim file.
Permission: Read phone state permission is used in recording pause during a call.

:: Q & A ::

Sending file
In the list screen, Press and hold the sound file(Long click) - Send File - Select the program you want.

Continue recording
You can add a recording to an existing WAV, MP3 file. In the list screen, Press and hold the sound file(Long click) - Continue recording.

Trim file
You can truncate the back of the WAV, MP3 file. In the playback screen, Menu - Trim.

Voice boost
In the playback screen, Click the equalizer at the bottom of the screen - select User define. 600Hz ~ 3kHz raise and lower the rest of the region.

Did a sudden increase in noise? Turn off the filter and AGC.
In the recording screen, Menu - Filter - select [No filter], [AGC OFF], Recording Volume [+0dB]

The incoming sound is sent to the speaker. Use headphones to avoid echo in the (final) audio. In the recording screen, Menu - Filter - select [Monitoring]

Monitoring Delay
In Android, it can not be monitored without delay. If you adjust the options, you can slightly reduce the delay.
Menu - Settings - Recording - Extended buffer [OFF]
Menu - Settings - Labs - Fast monitoring [ON]
Dealy is accured from 140ms to 240ms depending on the phone.

Shake recording
Shaking the phone within 5 seconds from waking up in sleep mode, it starts recording. Menu - Settings - Shake/Filter - Use shake recording.
* Shake sensitivity: 1=sensitive ~ 10=insensitive.

Call recording
This program is not a call recorder. Call recording can not be guaranteed. Depending on the phone model, you can not hear the voice or it may not be recorded.

EC#101, 111, 121
An error occurred when creating the file. There are several reasons:
1. The lack of storage space. Check out the empty space.
2. Invalid file name. Please use only letters and numbers.
3. Enter the path to the correct SD. Menu - Settings - System - Working path.
4. External memory from KitKat(Android 4 or more), There are restrictions on the use of external memory. -> see the 'External memory' section.

The recording feature of the phone is in use. System or other apps are using the recording feature.

This app have lost [recording permission] during the recording. System needs the input sound.

External memory
The KitKat(4.4) or more, By Google's policies, There are restrictions on the use of external memory. To use an external memory, please proceed as follows:
step1. Using the File Browser app, Create the following folder on the external memory. '/storage /extSdCard /Android /data /com.pjw.atr'
step2. Please change the settings of the AllThatRecorder. Menu - Settings - System - Working Path - select '/storage /extSdCard /Android /data /com.pjw.atr'
* External memory path(/storage/extSdCard) may be different for each phone.
* com.pjw.atr : All That Recorder
* com.pjw.atrl : All That Recorder Lite

Widget is available when the app is installed on the main memory. To use widget, please install this app to internal memory.
Does not the widget show up in Widget page? Please reboot your phone. It would be helpful.

:: Glossary of Terms ::

Low pass filter
A low-pass filter is a filter that passes low-frequency signals but attenuates signals with frequencies higher than the reference frequency. Menu - Settings - Shake/Filter - Filter.

High pass filter
A high-pass filter is a filter that passes high frequencies and attenuates frequencies lower than the its reference frequency. Menu - Settings - Shake/Filter - Filter.

Auto gain control, AGC
Regardless of the input volume level, the recording level is adjusted constantly. In the recording screen, Menu - Filter.
Input sound is low, Record the volume automatically grow it. However, as the volume grows even larger noise.

The default settings are as follows:
Dynamic AGC: Target volume=High, Amplification ability=High, Volume tracking speed=Very fase.
Basic AGC: Target volume=Middle, Amplification ability=Middle, Volume tracking speed=Normal.

Target volume:
When the input sound level is low, increases as the Target volume.
High:50%(84dB), Middle:10%(70dB), Low:2%(56dB)

Amplification ability:
Sound amplification is only below the set value.
High:x125(+42dB), Hiddle:x25(+28dB), Low:x5(+14dB)

Volume tracking speed:
The volume varies smoothly.
Very fase: It takes 0.5 seconds to adjust the volume, Fast:1sec, Normal:2sec, Slow:4sec.

:: Copyright ::

This program is using the following software libraries.
VORBIS encoder under the BSD-like license - xiph.org
LAME encoder licensed under the LGPL - www.mp3dev.org

:: Privacy Policy ::

This app does not collect any personal information.
Recorded sounds are only used within the app.

No information is transmitted outside without your permission.
The recording information can only be transmitted outside when you want.

Privacy Policy Changes

This privacy policy may change from time to time.
The changed privacy policy will be posted here.

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